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How to apply a temporary tattoo

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! Everything you need to know about temporary tattoos will be posted here. Starting of with the basics: how to apply a temporary tattoo.

Clean skin before application

First, you need to make sure that the skin where the temporary tattoo is to be placed is clean. Ideally clean with alcohol prior application, to make sure that there is no residue from oils, creams and perfumes.


Remove clear protective sheet

You will notice that there is a clear sheet on top of the design. This is to ensure that the adhesive (which will stick to your skin upon application) is well protected. When you are ready to apply your temporary tattoo, you need to remove the plastic sheet.


Place the tattoo face down to your skin

Make sure that the tattoo paper (especially if the tattoo is large) is as smooth as possible and follows the natural curves of the body part. Do not stretch the tattoo or your skin.


Wet the cloth and hold it against the tattoo

Make sure the whole are is wet. Hold for about 30 seconds.


Peel the paper off

Don’t rush, try to peel a corner first. If it comes out smoothly, peel the whole paper.If it doesn’t come off easily, hold the wet cloth against the tattoo for a bit longer.



You are ready to get out there and show off your new tattoo! Super easy and super realistic!

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