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Big clearance SALE - up to 80% off

About Us

I worked for many years as a professional illustrator. I love creating. I love design. I love transformations and makeup. My temporary tattoo shop was born through my search of creating art that could be more intimate, more personal. And what can be more personal than something that you wear on your skin.

For me temporary tattoos are a way to escape reality. I love changes and I cannot commit to a single design (=permanent tattoos) for the rest of my life. Temporary tattoos, let me express myself to a whole new level, become whatever I want for an hour, a day, a week, and the next week I can become something else. In short: A temporary tattoo can make a delicate but strong statement about who you are, or they can help you be someone else for a while. 🙂

I take the greatest care possible when creating my designs. After all they are meant to decorate one’s own skin – the highest honor possible! I am obsessed with all things fantasy, so I mainly get my inspiration from books, movies and magical worlds. My tattoos are meant for all of you, who want a bit of magic in your life! Whether it is cosplay, or other playful occasions, bachelorette, parties, or just a day/night out, our tattoos are promised to make a statement! Hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy designing them!

— Ioanna Ladopoulou


The Above The Skin team consists of:

Ioanna Ladopoulou– Owner, Designer
Christos Baloukas- Digital Design, Development